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Who we Are?

We are people who passionate about games. ​We started making games 2016, we worked on a couple of games,  but they weren't successful enough though we learned a lot.

In June 2019, we published our first casual game on Playstore and That's where our journey started.

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Hadal: Indian Horror Game

  • You are having nightmares of your past events. You are seeing same house in every nightmare. The husband and wife found dead inside the house and their 5 year child went missing. People say that the house is haunted. You came here to find out what happened in this house, to get rid of your Nightmares.

    Hadal is Marathi word which means witch. Hadal is white skinny witch with creepy eyes. She always has hairs on her face.

    This is an old Indian house with creepy environment.
    You will experience paranormal events in the house.


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Roll the Box- Isometric Puzzle

  • Roll the Box is a 3D Isometric puzzle game where players have to connect the dots by rolling the box. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the Box roll smoothly on the platform.
    Are you ready to roll?
    Download for FREE today!
    ►A thought-provoking brain teaser to improve your agility and hand-eye coordination!
    ►FREE simple yet extremely addicting puzzle game.
    ►Addictive Music and Sound effect.
    ►Isometric Low poly 3D environment.


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Brain Games Cricket Edition : Tricky Puzzles

  • 🔥“Brain Games - Cricket Edition” is an addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers and different riddles testing challenge your mind😝. sudoku ?, crossword ?, a jigsaw puzzle ?, Nah it is more than that.

  • Features:
    • Tricky & Mind-blowing Brain Teasers: You will be tricked!
    • Unexpected game answers to the great number of quizzes.
    • Enjoy this impossible quiz.
    • cricket Sport based puzzles.
    • Download this funny game for free.
    • Endless fun and brain-pushing games.
    • Great exercise for the brain.
    • Simple and highly addictive gameplay.
    • Great time pass with riddle games.
    • Play without the internet.



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